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CLICA Practice Quiz

This quiz contains questions from each of the 4 topic areas of the CLICA exam: Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Express Single Sign-On (SSO) for Collaboration Applications Application Clients Cisco Unified IM and Presence Tip: Quiz questions are randomized providing you a new quiz every time!

Zero-Trust: Deployment and Use Cases

Zero trust (ZT) is the term for an evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms that move defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources. A zero trust architecture (ZTA) uses zero trust principles to plan industrial and enterprise infrastructure and workflows. In this 45-minute Tech Session, Eric Smith examines the deployment, uses …

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Overview of Network Programmability

This 1-hour Tech Session, presented by Edwin Owen, provides a sound understanding of what is meant by the term Programmability and the essential tools every engineer/developer should be familiar with. This will include an overview of Git, Postman, Python, Docker and Ansible. This session will help everyone that desires to learn Networking Programmability start to …

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Zero Trust Security: A More Effective Security

In this 30-minute Tech Session, Skyline instructor Eric Smith discusses Zero Trust and how IT organizations can implement it, protecting your organization wherever your employees are working. Click here to view/download the slides for this Tech Session. 

CompTIA: IT Fundamentals+: IT Concepts and Terminology (Part 1 of 6)

In this first of six Tech Sessions on this particular exam, Jim Goughenour looks not only at the entire credential, and answers questions about that, but we also take a look at each domain of knowledge in the exam. We start with IT Concepts and Terminology, which makes up 17% of the FC0-U61 exam.

MACSec: The New VPN

These slides were used to present the MACSec: The New VPN Tech Session. (Click below to view/download these slides)

MACSec: The New VPN

In this Tech Session, Skyline instructor Eric Smith discusses end-to-end security of data, how it needs to be secured when at rest (processed or stored in a device) and when in motion (communicated between connected devices). For data in motion, security anchored in hardware at the foundational communication layer provides that basis of trust, and …

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Configuring a Fixed Audio Source

This brief video walks you through how to configure a fixed audio source in CUCM. This video is a small portion of the Everything You Always Wanted to Know About CUCM Music On Hold Tech Session. Be sure to view that video if you are interested in more information on similar topics.

Part 2: Examples of Separation

Following up on his last Tech session (“Separation Anxiety – Examining Layer 2 Separation and Trustsec in Cisco Devices“), in this 1-hour session, Eric Smith provides hands-on examples of the different methods of separation in today’s networks.