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In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom – known as a helper and advisor of heroes like Perseus, Hercules, and Prometheus.

In the spirit of Athena, Skyline ATS presents a continuous learning experience that shares the wisdom of technology experts and provides access to advisors and helpers that can guide you, our customer heroes, on your learning journey.

Learn how Athena gives you 12 months of access to unparalleled resources that are designed to optimize your learning potential beyond the classroom.

Member Benefits

With an Athena membership, you get 12 months of exclusive access to exclusive high-touch resources and benefits
– at no extra cost when you enroll in an eligible Athena course.

Attend live weekly Tech Sessions for a deeper dive into certification and supplemental topics.

Our Personal Knowledge Advisors will help you access what you need.

Discuss course topics with a certified expert and to learn from your peers.

Attend monthly scheduled, one-on-one, one-hour sessions with an expert.

Athena Courses & Products

An Athena membership is automatically included with the purchase of the following:


CDL XL Passes

These Cisco Digital Learning XL passes automatically include Athena topics.

Networking CDL XL

Networking Athena topics

Security CDL XL

Security Athena topics

Data Center CDL XL

Data Center Athena topics


Programmability Athena topics

Collaboration CDL XL

Collaboration Athena topics

Cisco All Inclusive CDL XL

Includes all Athena topics


Athena Connections

Who better to get support from than a certified expert? Our Athena Connections connect you directly with our experts to get your answers.

weekly access

Athena Tech Sessions

Looking for a deeper dive on your curriculum?

Athena members enjoy access to weekly and recorded Tech Sessions designed to help you supplement learning goals before, during, or after their training course.

go beyond the classroom

Become a Member

Purchase or enroll in a qualified Athena product, and you’ll automatically become a member. It’s that easy. Click here for more details on qualifying products

To learn more, contact your Skyline ATS Account Manager or email a Personal Knowledge Advisor at pka@skyline-ats.com.


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